Chasing Leviathan

by Adam Delia

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This EP was inspired by the poetry I've written over the years. I've archived my writings at

"The Scar" aside, each song was carefully crafted around a very specific piece of poetry in order to garner the full emotional essence encased within the pieces.

This album was recorded via cell phone using an 8-track recording app titled "Aubade". Aubade has a few different built-in sound effects that I used. Mainly reverb, distortion, and chorus.

The guitar used was a First Act acoustic guitar I found in a garbage dumpster in Pacifica, CA a few years ago.


released November 23, 2013

All songs written and composed by Adam Delia unless otherwise noted.

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered, by: Adam Delia

Runtime: 16:17

©2013 1985AD Music All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Adam Delia

ADAM DELIA was born and raised in California’s Central Valley but then relocated to a small, coastal Bay Area town as an adult. His childhood consisted of copious amounts of horror films on VHS, horror fiction/nonfiction books, playing the guitar and endless dreaming of combining the three when adulthood came knocking. Visit Adam @ ... more

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Track Name: The Blackest Of Hearts
I will arrive,

Once I am done gathering the pieces left from past transgressions.

I hold the end in my arms,

And the rest shuffles into the wind.

What have I become?

Lead by a heart blacker than the sins of priests.

Darker than the thoughts of men on the edge of bestial endeavors.

Have you gazed upon its writhing, corpulent spasms?

Is this why you've fled into the coldness of the outside world?

My own aura makes me shudder as I climb this massive mountain with rocks like scales and soil like the flesh of a great beast.

The more I climb the higher the water rises.

This is where my black heart has led,

This is where no one will find me.

And this knife shall deliver me into the jaws of infinity.
Track Name: Sea Breezes & Salted Wounds
You could have been.

Once encased within my embrace.

You could have ruled.

I write these words on parchment meant for the gods.

I will burn, ashes consumed with broken breaths.

Signs have been begged for.

Fatigue has set in, I have no more reasons for apathy.

I suppose I am fully to blame.

For lying to myself.

I said I’ve given you up.

Memories stir at the bottom of our ocean.

The waves consumed our past.

I said I loathed you, despised you, all in the name of absolution.

But I still wait here atop this ravine.

Waiting to swan dive into oblivion.

Open wounds glisten from the blinding light of the grey skies.

I just want this to be over.

Quiet, clear, alone.

Without tears and under slivers of moonlight.

With darkness to hide my shadow-self.

I want to stop creating more wounds in hope that you find your way out of my quintessence.

I want to jump.

Wash away from this ravine, these memories.


Never to be stirred by whispered voices.

Never a memory.

Just a dour afterthought.
Track Name: The End We Will Never See
I tried to keep you near.

Our finger tips pressed and ached together, our grip slowly subsiding.

Along with your scent.

I once believed that soon it shall be.

But the jagged pieces of glass embedded within my mouth erased the beautiful taste with crimson waves.

Your presence filled the day with more hours.

With each passing minute the expiration of our aura waned.

I wanted to keep you inside my piano and make beautiful melodies with you.

Songs such as these compose themselves with ease.

Desire hurts for a lifetime.

Empty arms become cold and filched by the passing world and all of its melancholia.

I've tried to film our time within my mind’s eye.

But I only receive mascara-smeared transmissions and lonely, black epilogues.

Shall I defy reality, somber and sour, for an unwritten soliloquy?

If so, I fear the end we may never see.
Track Name: Descending Through Fire
I must confess.

The sour smell of your lies is intriguing.

Tell me you’ll never let me go, and I’ll tell you stories of hopes and dreams that wrinkle towards the end.

Include me in your starlight memories and I’ll come drenched in kerosene, glistening in the autumnal fire.

With every word I fall deeper into your gaze.

Sorcery such as this, inane but final.

Final as the truth emblazoned amongst the pale light of the pyre in your irises.

But I will not go alone.

One embrace from me and together the lines are blurred.

Is this a daunting reality?

Or the succumbing of our essence being swallowed into the mouth of Euronymous?

Together we’ll bleed.

And the best part…

I can still taste you on my tongue.
Track Name: The Scar (At The Gates cover)
Empty streets fill my mind
Autumn has come to numb me blind

The end it reaches out for me
My soul still calling to be free

I want the energy to breathe, to clear their poisoned minds
The energy I am, to end their pointless lives
Track Name: Chasing Leviathan
Severed strings of liberation.

Desolation coalesced into

ever’long deprecated embraces.

Faces frozen within plutonium dreams.

The remains of night given requiems

as callous judgments convey cynicism.

We hail!

En Memoriam for cleansing.

In black holes we've become


chasing Leviathan through

white amorphous heaven.

Burning pneumas explode when

the limelight turns red.

Swept away,

we've parlayed.

Encompassing all of our past


Rain washes away our ashen,

caustic teratisms.

We give the 3rd degree in quantities.

Bleak hope of understanding,

but all in dismay.

We carry over into our

world’s beyond one shred

of cogent reality…

…someday this will be over.

…The end will burn through.

…There is a last time for everything.

And with our demise we shall

recompense to this Earth.

While we all swim in open veins.